Taalcursussen Grieks, Nederlands en Engels in Groningen

We are happy to introduce our team to you.

Greek teacher: Anna-Maria


My name is Anna-Maria Avgerou. I was born in Greece and grew up in Chalkidiki. I was in primary school when I first discovered that I would like to become a teacher. I have studied theology at the University of Thessaloniki and my degree is academically recognized in the Netherlands.

I came to the Netherlands in 2012 and I live in Groningen since 2016.

It was in May 2017 when I was offered the opportunity to take over “Meleti Language Courses”. My passion for education, but mostly my love for Greece, a love that many Dutch people share, played an important role in my decision to take over “Meleti”. Now I have the chance to teach people everything I know about the Greek language and culture.

I hope to see you all soon in one of our courses or workshops!

English teacher: Athina


Athina is our English teacher. A well- equipped and enthusiastic person who works hard and evolves both as a professional and an individual. She has graduated from the English Department of the University of Athens and decided to acquire an MA in Theory, Practice and Evaluation of the Educator’s Work to progress even more as a person. Her work experience involves teaching English to adults in higher educational institutions in the Netherlands and Denmark; teaching English in Primary and Secondary schools in the UK; teaching English to all age groups in Greece. Working as an Teacher of English for over 10 years, she has communicated with students of various age groups and nationalities and is keen to develop into a more effective and competent individual who will inspire people to be active and autonomous users of the English language.

English and Greek teacher: Vicky


My name is Vicky Griva and I was born in Greece and raised in a small northern city called Kozani. I studied journalism at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and worked for three years as a freelance journalist for online media.

In 2015 I decided to go back to school, and in 2019 I finished my second bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. My field of interest is in linguistics, especially how language changes and evolves through online communication. Currently, I am continuing my studies following a Research Master on Language and Cognition.

People know me for my love for the Greek language and its long history. I am now very excited to teach at Meleti and help students experience the wonders of the Greek language.

Dutch teacher: Ria


My name is Ria Bakker. I grew up in Emmen, but I live in Groningen for many years now. In Emmen I studied PABO and worked in primary education. In Groningen I studied for teaching to people who speak a foreign language. Since 1998 I worked with NT2 and NT1 classes in Groningen, Leek and Stadskanaal. I also work in Emmen at the Drenthe College. There I teach basic Dutch to level 2F. TEaching and education is in my blood and has always been a passion of mine.

See you in Dutch class!