Taalcursussen Grieks, Nederlands en Engels in Groningen

I am very satisfied with my lessons at Meleti Language Courses. Anna-Maria offers good lessons and she is very enthusiastic. Much attention is given to speaking skills and Anna-Maria pays attention to the correct use of grammar and pronunciation without being demotivating. The exercises vary and the culture is amply discussed. I definitely recommend Meleti Language Courses if you want to learn New Greek in a nice, homely atmosphere.

Cobi V.

Greek is such a rich language!! You apparently never acknowledge this, at least not me. After having lessons for many years, this language continues to fascinate and inspire me. Also, surprising how Anna-Maria knows how to give MELETI new stimuli with her knowledge, didactics and personality. The lessons are never boring, and they always surprising and fascinating due to extra learning material and / or use of media, music or current events. The homework is also well dosed and easy to do. Keep it up Anna-Maria and good luck with MELETI !

Trijnie Oudenampsen

Anna-Maria teaches in a fun and clear way. The small groups work pleasantly, so everyone gets the attention they need. I think it’s like a party going to Greek class every week. The books with which Anna-Maria works are also clear, and together with the online exercises are very nice to work with.

Esther Roelofs

During my many trips to Greece I regularly said:
“I would love to be able to have a chat with the Greeks in the small
villages, who do not speak a foreign language.” I have taken several
language courses in other languages, but this Greek course is the best and the

In the small group a lot of attention is paid to language and speaking skills. She is very patient and finds it no problem to repeat the subject matter. I should have started Greek lessons with her earlier.

I cannot wait to put into practice what I have learned in Greek.

Marlies Ulenbelt

Anna-Maria carefully prepares the lessons, paying great attention to the students. In short, she offers good education for the Greek language and culture!

C. Zeldenrust